Reinol K Hand Cleaner - Starter Pack



One cartridge of Reinol K concentrate paste hand cleaner and one Reinol wall dispenser, ready to install. 

Reinol K is an entirely SOLVENT FREE industrial hand cleaner. Reinol K is formulated for light to heavy duty applications. Reinol will help remove grease, graphite, oil based products, most types of soiling, staining, tree sap and other sticky residue. Reinol K is a super concentrate past hand cleaner unlike anything else on the market. Due to its abundance of oils and cosmetic grade ingredients, it will condition your hands while it cleans. 

"Feel the Difference"

Reinol K:

  • Solvent Free
  • Biodegradable
  • Concentrated paste formula
  • Cosmetic grade ingredients
  • Safer on your skin

2L cartridges are designed for use in the purpose engineered Reinol Wall dispenser.

The Starter pack comes ready to use.

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