Manual Water Cannon 6.0" Station Monitor



Lonsdale's largest manually operated cannon, the 960 Station Monitor can flow 7,500 gallons per minute at 150 psi.  The 960 enjoys the balance and ease of movement as its smaller cousins and is built for years of constant use.

Delivering up to 7,500 GPM to a range of 450-feet, the 960 Station Monitor is used where there is a large source of fuel for potential fires, such as found in petrochemical plants and offshore vessels.  Access to a large water source is crucial, but if you have it, the 960 will not fail.  Trailer- and skid-mounted 960’s are very popular and versatile options to consider.

•    Heavy duty build
•    Superior jet stream
•    Full 360° horizontal rotation
•    90° total vertical range
•    Each water tight swivel has two rows of stainless steel bearings for stability and ease of motion
•    Two zerk fittings on both swivels for easy maintenance
•    Hand welded joints
•    Hydrostatically tested to 300 PSI for 5-minutes, minimum

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