Manual Water Cannon 4.0" Snorkel Monitor



Lonsdale's largest snorkel, the 940 Snorkel Monitor can flow up to 3,500 gallons per minute at 150 psi straight down.  Used primarily in industrial cleaning applications, the 940 Snorkel makes quick work of loose sediment, caked on dirt and impacted sludge.

Lonsdale's snorkel monitor is designed for industrial applications, such as tank cleaning, vehicle wash down basins and flocculation beds.  The 940 Snorkel Monitor fills the need of large industrial applications where thousands of gallons are needed.  A remarkable tool, the 940 Snorkel will operate for years with regular maintenance.

•    Heavy duty build
•    Superior Jet Stream
•    Full 360° horizontal rotation
•    135° total vertical range
•    Dual tiller bars for better maneuverability
•    Each water tight swivel has two rows of stainless steel bearings for stability and ease of motion
•    Two zerk fittings on both swivels for easy maintenance
•    Hand welded joints
•    Hydrostatically tested to 300 PSI for 5-minutes, minimum

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