Manual Water Cannon 3.0" Station Monitor



A popular apparatus monitor, the 930 Station Monitor sits comfortably between the 925’s affordability and the 940’s greater flowrate output.  The 930 can shoot 1250 GPM more than 250-feet all on a perfectly balanced frame.

The 930 Station Monitor can put a lot of water on target.  This 3-inch cannon generates a significantly powerful jet stream due to its half-inch reduction in the upper waterway right before the nozzle inlet.  This design “compresses” the water, which increases its velocity.  Power and increased jet shape and performance in a small package.  This unit looks awesome in hand-polished stainless steel, by the way!

Heavy duty build
•    Superior Jet Stream
•    Full 360° horizontal rotation
•    90° total vertical range
•    Each water tight swivel has two rows of stainless steel bearings for stability and ease of motion
•    Two zerk fittings on both swivels for easy maintenance
•    Hand welded joints
•    Hydrostatically tested to 300 PSI for 5-minutes, minimum

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