Manual Water Cannon 1.5” Snorkel Monitor



  • 1.5” Waterways

  • Up To 350GPM

  • 90° Downward Rotation

  • Locking Swivel

The 1.5” Snorkel Monitor is designed for Industrial applications, such as: Tank Cleaning, Vehicle Wash Down Basins and sediment removal because of its ability to shoot downwards of -90°.

By using 1.5” waterways, our 1.5” Snorkel Monitor is most efficient at flow rates up to 350GPM [1325l/min] and easily maneuverable thanks to its perfectly balanced, light-weight design.

Lonsdale Snorkel Monitor’s feature locking vertical and horizontal swivels delivering motion range from full 360° horizontal rotation and +70°/-90° range of vertical motion. Operating from the tiller bar handle helps take control of both the horizontal and the vertical location of the monitor. Each swivel features a locking knob that will turn and lock the swivel in place to secure the 1.5” monitor in position. Grease fittings are included on each swivel joint for easy maintenance.   

Because of its relatively small footprint, the 1.5” Snorkel Monitor seamlessly installs onto; Truck Wash Down Basins, Wastewater Treatment Facilities, Tank Farms or anywhere the trajectory is shooting downwards.

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