Manual Water Cannon 2.5" Snorkel Monitor



Lonsdale's bestselling monitor, the 925 Station Monitor hits that sweet spot between capability and cost.  Able to throw a stream of water over 200-feet, the 925 will securely manage up to 1000 GPM.  The 925 combines the world class, hand-made construction and performance of all Lonsdale guns.

The 925 Station Monitor is a jack-of-all-trades. This monitor is comfortable operating on trucks, trailers, boats, industrial plants and refineries, stock yards, ship yards, mining sites, basins – you name it. The 925 fills the need of most applications because it can manage flow rates between 150-1000 GPM with as little as 50 PSI, or as much as 150. In addition, the 925 Station is available with the widest variety of options and accessories of any Lonsdale cannon, making it truly versatile and adaptable to most any job

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