940 - 4.0-Inch Remote Control Monitor



The first entry in our range of mid-sized remote control cannons, the 940 Remote Control Super-Low-Profile Monitor can flow up to 3,500 GPM.  The 940 enjoys the balance and ease of movement as its smaller cousins and is built for years of constant use.

The 940 Remote Control Super-Low-Profile Monitor (RCM) is perfectly adaptable to most any application.  This unit is equally at home on a fireboat or an oil refinery where remote manipulation is necessary.  Delivering up to 3,500 GPM more than 350-feet, the 940 RCM is used where there is a large source of fuel for potential fires, such as found in petrochemical plants and offshore vessels.  The standard 940 RCM is controlled via a tethered control box with a single joystick.  Options include nozzle and valve controls, as well as true wireless and Bluetooth control signals.  Full programming is also available from basic oscillating sweeps to complex movements and cycles, offering semi-autonomous operation.  Electric and hydraulic power options are offered.  Monitor control software for your smart phone or tablet are now available!

•    Super-low-profile upper waterway design
•    340° horizontal rotation
•    150° vertical range
•    Four adjustable proximity (limit) switches
•    Very well balanced
•    Each swivel has two rows of stainless steel ball bearings for stability and easy of motion
•    Two zerk fittings on both swivels for easy maintenance
•    Industrial powder coating for corrosion and abrasion protection, applied internally and externally
•    Robust, hand welded joints
•    Simple, intuitive control system
•    Easily replaceable motors and switches
•    Options for remote nozzle and water valve controls
•    Hydrostatically tested to 300 PSI for 5-minutes, minimum

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