Kränzle solutions for agricultural engineering and animal husbandry!

Cleanliness is one of the elementary prerequisites in farming and husbandry when it comes to health, hygiene and first class working conditions. As regards the cleaning of stables, a high washing performance is required which can only be achieved by the use of machines which above all, in addition to sufficient water pressure, also provide an adequate water output. The new LX series, the large quadro machines or the therm-1 are especially suited for this purpose. Animal cleaning is a particularly sensible challenge requiring absolutely dependable high-pressure cleaners such as the Kränzle therm-1 with exact and constant temperature control.

In view of the high daily cleaning requirements we recommend our extraordinarily robust stainless steel machines. And wherever there is no electric power available, Kränzle high-pressure cleaners give their best every day. High pressure and good water output in addition to pre-cleaning by means of a foam injector, brushes and lance extensions are to be used for extremely dirty agricultural machines, equipment and tractors. Furthermore, the wet and dry vacuum cleaners Ventos and the Kränzle power sweepers have successfully proved themselves for stable floorings and exterior areas.

Thousands of Kränzle machines have been reliably and successfully in use for decades in agricultural engineering and animal husbandry all over the world. Why not benefit yourself from the experience and quality of Kränzle products for your own business