Getting swept away with inefficiencies?

Maintaining a large commercial or industrial area with high dust, particulate and traffic can be a constant task while seeking to exceed EPA expectations. Whether you are an abattoir, waste transfer station, grain Storage Company, concrete yard or recycling facility, maintaining high company standards is important for health, safety and reputation. The team at Lonsdale Australia seek to bring you more efficiencies with the assistance of the heavy duty broom range that can be attached to an existing forklift, Manitou, bobcat or excavator.

Based on the feedback from a few of our customers, we would like to share a few steps to assist you with the most efficient way to sweep your space in four simple steps.

  1. Get a good broom, and make sure it’s clean and in good size and shape. The bristles should be one-directional. If your broom’s bristles are all askew, like an echidna on a bad hair day, consider investing in a new sweeper. Based on experience, Lonsdale recommends the Mega or Pro Broom range, because of sheer size, toughness, effectiveness and versatility.


  1. Have a strategic plan. The idea is to work your way from one part of the area towards the exit. Try a few methods out to see what works best in your space and stick to a good routine. Don’t sweep yourself into a corner, do the opposite!


  1. Depending on the size of the facility, divide and master by breaking the area up into smaller sections, and then sweep each section using long straight strokes. If the pile of debris becomes too big, deal with it. Don’t try to move that pile all around too much as it will result in the dreaded “Dirt Line”.


  1. There is no step four! You’re done. Just don’t forget to keep your broom clean. Hose you broom down every few weeks or months depending on frequency of usage. Preventative maintenance will extend the life of your investment.


Lonsdale has the capabilities to deliver you heavy duty forklift brooms/sweepers right across Australia including Western Australia, South Australia, Norther Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and Tasmania. Call the team today to discuss your requirements on 1800 358 983.